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Billie Mintz is an award winning filmmaker and investigative journalist who has produced and directed seven feature length documentaries and spent two successful seasons both in front and behind the camera as a featured host on National Geographic’s signature series “Explorer”. His last feature “The Guardians” which is currently on Amazon Prime, premiered at the 2018 Hot Docs Festival, and has gone on to win numerous awards. His second feature, “The Ponzi Scheme” is an investigation into victims of personal financial fraud which was distributed internationally by Forward Entertainment and premiered on The Sundance Channel. His 2015 feature documentary “Jesus Town USA”, executive produced by SKY ATLANTIC, had its world premiere at AMDOCS (The American Documentary Film Festival in Palm Springs) and international premiere at Hot Docs, before airing on Showtime, CBC and Netflix and has been aired globally. It can now also be seen on Amazon Prime.

Representation: Travis Tammero, CAA





Danny is recognized by Who’s Who Legal® and Lexpert® as one of the top entertainment lawyers in Canada. His firm Hall Webber LLP is the official legal counsel to the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television and Canadian Screen Awards and represents a diverse clientele on all matters relating to development, production, financing, Intellectual property, licensing, corporate organization and distribution in the film & television, live theatre, music, publishing, interactive media, sponsorship & endorsements, sporting, e-sports and special events industries. He has also executive producer on more than 20 film & television productions and is a founding member, president and chair of the board of the non-profit Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company.








Michele Francis is an award winning film editor. After attending the University of Bristol’s prestigious post graduate Film and Television production program she has worked with some of the most leading filmmakers like Atom Egoyan, Sarah Polley, and Bruce McDonald. Over her more than 15 years as an editor in Toronto, Michele’s work spans many genres of film and television.

Lydia Ainsworth is an internationally acclaimed singer, composer, and producer. Her original scores for film and commercials have screened at festivals such as Sundance, Cannes, and Hot Docs. Her albums have been nominated for a Juno award and shortlisted for the Polaris Prize. She has headlined tours in North America, Europe and Japan.

Bruce was the commissioning editor of documentary Channel for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. His commissioned films have won numerous industry and festival awards. Bruce has moderated panels at top festivals globally and has conducted several Master Classes on documentary. A 30 year veteran of the film and television business, he is now a film consultant and executive producer through his own company, The Film Counsel


Written and Directed by:        BILLIE MINTZ 


 Produced by:                       DANNY WEBBER                                                                                                                                                     BILLIE MINTZ


Featuring:                            ROMAN LAPSHIN     

                                           OZ ALMOG


the art work of:                     VLADIMIR DVORKIN  


Edited by:                             MICHELE FRANCIS                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Music by:                             LYDIA AINSWORTH                                                                                                                                                                

Executive Producers              BRUCE COWLEY                                                                                                                                                       BILLIE MINTZ                                   

                                           DANNY WEBBER


Commissioning Editor           JORDANA ROSS                                                                                                                                

Cinematography by              BILLIE MINTZ                                                                                                               


Camera Operators               BILLIE MINTZ            ED GODSELL                                                                                                                           ERIN HARRIS            NEMANJA STOJKOVIC

                                         IGAL HECHT             ROMAN LAPSHIN                                                                                                                      ROB SPENCE            RJ MALONEY

                                         RYAN WEATHERBY     SONJA AUFDERKLAMM                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Sound Recordists               INNA DAVIDOVNA

                                        RYAN WEATHERBY                                                 

                                        NIKOLA RADIVOJEVIC

                                        NOAH MINTZ


Production Manager          DEBORAH SMITH-WEBBER                                                         

Field producer, Israel         IGAL HECHT                                                                                

Assistant Editors                ROB SPENCE                                                                                                                                                          ANDREW CROMEY                                                                    

Production Coordinator             ERIN HARRIS 

Story Development Editor          RILEY MCNAIR                                          

Dialogue Translation                INNA DAVIDOVNA                                                                                           YANA GOLD                                             Production Assistants               INNA DAVIDOVNA                                                                                           SIGI FOPPEN                                                                                                ROB SPENCE

                                              KAILEIGH WEBBER                                    Camera Equipment (Serbia)      ETAR FILM D.O.O                                      Trailer Editor                           THARANGA RAMANAYAKE            

Editing Services                        ISRAEL TAMANG                                     

Legal Services                          DANNY WEBBER, HALL WEBBER LLP            Accounting

& Financing Services                  D&D WEBBER PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION    Key-art Graphics                       JOHN GODFREY                                              Insurance Broker                       FRONT ROW INSURANCE   

Audit & Accounting Services         JIMMY YE, KUDLOW MCANN               

Post Services Provided by:           NICE SHOES                                                  Post Supervisor                          Harv Glazer                                                  Post Production Coordinators       Adrian Gluvakovich

                                                 Charis Mound

Colourist                                     Jim Fleming                                     

Motion Graphics Artists                Yandong Qiu

                                                 Luis Mejia

 Online Editor                              Adrian Gluvakovich                              Audio Post-production Services     Post City Picture & Sound

Supervising Sound Editor

& RE-recording Mixer                    Pino Halili                                        

Sound Designer                           Carla Murray

Sound Effects Editor                      Thomas Cetnar

Re-recording Mixer                        Renan Deodato

Digital Components/Website           INSTIG8R

                                                    Danny Webber

                                                     Billie Mintz

                                                    Riley McNair

                                                    Andrew Cromey

Archive Footage Provided by:          Amstel Televisie Vijf B.V. (AT5)


"My Love for Evermore"

Written by: Oliver Baroni & Stephen Thomas

Published by: District 6 Music


Oz Almog

Roman Lapshin

Erin Harris

Asya Lapshin

Oleg Lapshin

Natasha Dvorkin

Helen Lapshin

Aaron Finos

Max Dvorkin

Valery Dvorkin

Katya Dvorkin

Kfir Dvorkin

George Haber, Jewish Museum Vienna

Hetty Berg/Museale Zaken

Meir Billet

Jacob Gildor



In memory of  Raisa Lapshina

May 25 1940-January 25 2020




Special Thanks


Robin Mirsky

Sue Baker

Vesna Almog

Damian Schleifer

Harv Glazer

Kazz Basma   (Sideways Film)

Juan Solera     (Sideways Film)

Taylor David

Jeremy Larner

Lauren Counter

Ron and Ricki Mintz

Adam Simon

Cass Austin

Dennis Dimster

Noreen Dimster – Denk

Romeo Candido

Janine, Josh, & Liam Spalding

Gema Jael Hidalgo

Jaime Hidalgo

Swaze Hartog

Susana Vasquez Alzate

Ted Rosnick





Claudia Neuhauser

Cassandra Clifford

Gerbilly, Marshmellow & Snuggles

Madeline Detoro

Aidan Detoro

Mark Nava

Nikola Čubrilo

Travis Tammero (CAA)

Scott Oranburg

Matthew Baskharoon (WME)

Cameron Kadison (Mortar Media)

Jeremy Tenser

Christiane Kupzik

Maura Axelrod

Ric Bienstock

Robert Lantos

Tharanga Ramanayake

Jennifer Grant

Glenn Berkenkamp

Ari Shofet

Dan Ariely

Sarah Thornton




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