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The Evidence of who really painted much of the artwork of Oz Almog

Vladimir Dvorkin honoured his pact with Oz Almog not to reveal himself as the artist behind many of Almog's most well known works.  But his home movies and photographs capture the truth and make it clear that Dvorkin hoped that one day that truth would be revealed.  We found Dvorkin's home video tapes buried in a box collecting dust in Roman's grandmother's house.  While they had become quite degraded we were able to engage an expert  to meticulously recover and restore the materials.  And the evidence we needed.....


Roman's sister Helen with paintings her grandfather had just completed for Oz Almog's  exhibition "The Psychonaut and His Mind Navigator" circa. 1995


Paintings in progress on Dvorkin's easel for Almog's "Him Too?" Exhibition

8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_15_24_04.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_17_42_14.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_26_46_06.Still0

A young Roman Lapshin in his grandfather's studio in front of just completed "Him Too?" paintings

From Almog's  published "Him Too?" book

This photo captures Vladimir Dvorkin in his studio relaxing after completing the "Him Too?" portraits seen behind him.


Ayse Lapshin poses proudly with a "Him Too?" portrait  on her father's easel

From Almog's  published "Him Too?" book

Screenshots from Dvorkin's home videos show his wife Natasha holding up portraits he had just completed for the "Him Too?" Exhibit

8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_01_57_12.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_01_53_05.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_02_02_13.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_01_51_07.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_02_06_29.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_04_50_25.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_05_00_14.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_04_45_25.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_03_30_18.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_04_39_29.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_04_36_13.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_03_27_05.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_02_41_22.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_02_51_07.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_02_37_08.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_03_20_25.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_02_57_09.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_03_02_04.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_02_46_14.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_03_06_09.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_03_10_25.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_03_15_24.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_04_25_26.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_04_22_16.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_04_16_29.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_04_11_23.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_04_06_28.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_04_01_16.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_03_54_19.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_03_45_19.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_03_40_27.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_03_35_03.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_04_31_23.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_04_55_14.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_02_16_22.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_02_31_21.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_02_11_28.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_02_21_22.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_02_26_16.Still0
8mm Vlad Proof Himtoo.00_03_49_18.Still0
Artifact Rough Cut 001 Nov 15_1.mp4.00_3
Natasha Dvorkin
Wall to Book.00_00_22_20.Still002.png
Albert Khan_ Architect.png
Wall to Book.00_00_39_19.Still004.png

Portraits from Dvorkin's home videos matched to images from the "Him Too?" Book

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